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Home Carpet Industry Digital Cutter

Short Description:

A carpet is a floor covering made of cotton, linen, wool, silk, grass, and other natural fibers or chemical synthetic fibers that are knitted, flocked, or woven by hand or mechanical processes. It is one of the arts and crafts categories with a long history and tradition in the world. Covering the ground of houses, hotels, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, vehicles, ships, airplanes, etc., it has the effect of noise reduction, heat insulation, and decoration.

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Product Introduction

Standard carpet fiber raw materials are natural fibers, chemical fibers, and blends. Among them, natural fibers include wool, silk, cotton, jute, etc.; chemical fibers include viscose staple fiber, nylon BCF filament, and staple fiber, acrylic staple fiber, polypropylene BCF filament and staple fiber, and polyester staple fiber; blended with wool/nylon, wool/viscose, wool/acrylic, wool/polyester, and wool/jute. They are the typical soft materials. To achieve industrial upgrading and improve production efficiency and capacity, advanced cutting equipment has become the general trend.

The vibrating knife cutting machine is a relatively widely used processing equipment in the flexible material cutting process. It uses the upper and lower high-frequency vibration of the blade to cut. It has high precision, fast cutting speed, and is not limited by the cutting pattern. It can be automatically loaded and unloaded. Intelligent typesetting, smooth incision, low processing cost and other characteristics, gradually improve or replace the traditional flexible cutting process equipment.

Material Picture Display

pure wool mat
Linen carpet (1)
Linen carpet (2)
Imitation lawn mat
Imitation lawn mat (2)

Parameter Table

Equipment Model


Scope Of Work


Drive System

Imported Mitsubishi Servo Motor Drive

Transmission System

Pmi Linear Guide Rail, Precision Rack Drive

Maximum Cutting Speed


Cutting Material

Silk, Cotton,Viscose Staple Fiber, Nylon Bcf Filament Etc.

Cutting Tools

Vibrating Knife, Round Knife Etc.

Cutting Thickness

0.1-30mm (Subject To Specific Materials)

Cutting Accuracy


Repetition Accuracy


Feeding Method

Automatic Feeding

Fixing Method

All Aluminum Table Vacuum Adsorption

Transmission Interface

Usb/u Disk/Network

Power Supply And Power Of Cutting Equipment

220v/50hz  2.5kw

Power Supply And Power Of Vacuum Pump

380v 7.5kw/9kw (Optional)

Positioning Method

Infrared Laser, Ccd Camera (Optional)

Safety Device

Infrared Laser Induction, Safe And Stable

Pneumatic Fittings

Festo, Germany/Yadek, Taiwan

Electrical Fittings


Cutting Result Picture

blended carpet
jute carpet
pure wool mat
Chemical fiber carpet
PVC (1)
PVC (2)
Crystal carpet


Datu Technology's vibrating knife cutting machine has a comprehensive cutting plan for carpets, including cutting of natural fibers, chemical fibers and blended materials. In the ever-increasing variety of commodities, floor coverings can be produced individually, with high-precision and automated production methods, and with short production cycles. It uses the most advanced technology and the highest quality components. The flexibility, reliability and quality of Datu Technology's vibrating knive cutting machine is much better than other machining.

1. There are more cutting configurations for round cutter, vibrating cutter and pneumatic cutter.

2. 1800MM/S high speed, the precision of repeated positioning to the cutting origin is ±0.01mm.

3. Mitsubishi servo motors, Taiwan Hindwin guide rails and other brand electrical components, double rack machines are more durable

4. Equipped with a large visual intelligent edge inspection system, cutting and proofing are faster.

5. One-click import of drawings, convenient for cutting, data import and direct cutting, no paper version is required. save time.

6. Support for multiple file formats (AI, PLT, DXF, CDR, etc.), making it more convenient to use and interact.

7. The cutting section is clean and smooth, without chips and burrs

8. Edge cutting can be performed according to the printing requirements of raw materials

Applicable tools: vibrating kinfe, round knife

Applicable models: DT-2516A

Hardware Display

After-sales Service

(1) One-year warranty policy.

(2) 7*24-hour online service.

(3) Provide lifetime free technology upgrade service.

(4) Free training in our factory, if time is not convenient, we can also provide complete training video.

(5) On-site technical support can be provided by negotiation.

Export Packaging Display

Export Packaging Display

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