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Digital Oscillating Cutting Machine For Luggage Leather Goods Industry

Short Description:

With the continuous improvement of people’s living and consumption levels, all kinds of bags have become indispensable accessories for people. Leather goods are boxes, bags, gloves, ticket holders, belts, and other leather goods made of leather and non-leather materials. The leather goods industry includes luggage, handbags and small leather products made of natural leather materials and substitute materials.

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Product Introduction

With the continuous development of the luggage and leather goods industry, the materials of this industry are also increasing, such as microfiber, genuine leather, regenerated leather, spunlace non-woven fabric, canvas, flannel, stitch-bonded non-woven fabric, wet non-woven fabric, spun-bond Non-woven fabrics, etc. are typical soft materials. To achieve industrial upgrading and improve production efficiency and capacity, it is necessary to use advanced cutting equipment.

Leather is a common material in our daily life, and leather products cover almost every aspect of our lives, such as leather bags, leather shoes, leather clothing, sofas, car seats, etc. It can be seen everywhere.

With the continuous upgrading of social consumption, human beings are not only satisfied with unadorned leather products. Faced with various complex patterns, the traditional tanning process has been difficult to meet the increasingly personalized needs.

The traditional leather processing method is not only time-consuming, labor-intensive, but also of poor quality. As a new leather processing method, laser cutting processing once occupied the mainstream of the leather processing market, but laser cutting is a thermal cutting method. Although the performance is mature and the price is cheap, with the country's strict requirements for environmental protection, laser cutting leather is easy to produce smoke, odor, material burning, etc., do not meet environmental protection requirements.

Material Picture Display

leather (1)
leather1 (2)
leather1 (1)

Parameter Table

Equipment Model


Scope Of Work


Drive System

Imported Mitsubishi Servo Motor Drive

Transmission System

Pmi Linear Guide Rail, Precision Rack Drive

Maximum Cutting Speed


Cutting Material

Microfiber, Genuine Leather, Regenerated Leather Etc.

Cutting Tools

Vibrating Knife, Round Knife Etc.

Cutting Thickness

0.1-30mm (Subject To Specific Materials)

Cutting Accuracy


Repetition Accuracy


Feeding Method

Automatic Feeding

Fixing Method

All Aluminum Table Vacuum Adsorption

Transmission Interface

Usb/u Disk/Network

Power Supply And Power Of Cutting Equipment

220v/50hz  2.5kw

Power Supply And Power Of Vacuum Pump

380v 7.5kw/9kw (Optional)

Positioning Method

Infrared Laser, Ccd Camera (Optional)

Safety Device

Infrared Laser Induction, Safe And Stable

Pneumatic Fittings

Festo, Germany/Yadek, Taiwan

Electrical Fittings


Cutting Result Picture

leather ornament
leather gloves
leather clothes
leather bag
leather luggage
leather clothes
leather belt
leather shoes


Datu Technology Vibration Knife has the characteristics of high efficiency and flexibility in leather bags and is a solution for various materials such as leather shoes, bags, haute couture leather goods, natural leather, artificial leather, and so on. From idea to finished product, from prototype to mass production, Datu Technology Vibrating Knife provides you with all-around technical support. Whether you are producing single batches or large batches, you can plan and process orders flexibly, making ad hoc order changes quickly and cost-effectively. It can help you better cope with the increased small batch production and customer inquiries for versioning and personalization.

1. The tool is modular, different tools are used with different materials, and the choice is flexible.

2. The intelligent cutting system can automatically identify material defects and take the initiative to avoid them.

3. Smart nesting material layout software, maximize the use of materials.

4. Digital cutting scheme, no need to make die, save cost.

5. Data import and direct cutting, no paper version is required. save time

6. High-speed punching function, punching, and sewing faster. save time.

7. Partition vacuum adsorption function, material fixation is more stable.

Applicable tools: vibrating kinfe, round knife

Applicable models: DT-2516A

Hardware Display

After-sales Service

(1) One-year warranty policy.

(2) 7*24-hour online service.

(3) Provide lifetime free technology upgrade service.

(4) Free training in our factory, if time is not convenient, we can also provide complete training video.

(5) On-site technical support can be provided by negotiation.

Export Packaging Display

Export Packaging Display

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