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Cnc Cutting Machine For Textile And Apparel Industry

Short Description:

Strengthening technological innovation by using intelligent clothing design and manufacturing equipment to achieve the purpose of “machine substitution” is an inevitable means of transformation and innovation. The CNC vibrating knife cutting machine will be your right-hand assistant.

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Product Introduction

Clothing is made of various fabrics, such as cotton, linen, silk, woolen, leather, chemical fiber, blended, yarn-dyed, knitted, etc., which are typical soft materials. Design and production methods are changing to meet the needs of the market economy and global economic development. "Multi-variety, small-batch, high-quality, fast-paced" and the transformation and upgrading from OEM to ODM are inevitable trends in the development of the apparel industry. 

Digital vibrating knife cutting machine for the textile and apparel uses the power on the machine arm and the high-speed rotation of the blade to make the cutting. the finished product is exquisite and beautiful, the incision is smooth and clean, the efficiency is improved, and the cost is reduced. it is not only suitable for fur cutting, but also for various clothing fabrics such as: woven fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics, babes, plain cloth, muslin, plush, etc. can also be cut.

1. Look at the appearance. Small details such as the distance between the round blade and the bottom surface, the shape and size of the blade, and the design of the machine tool panel will all have an impact on the cut samples.

2. Depending on the smoothness of the finished product, the finished product cut and cut by the circular knife must be clean and neat, with smooth and flawless edges.

3. Look at the voltage, power, speed and other points, which is also an intuitive feeling that reflects the quality of a machine.

4. Continuity of work. A qualified round knife cutting must be equipped with imported servo motors and high-precision rotary knives, which can work stably and quickly in cutting materials continuously.

Material Picture Display

polyester fabric1
solid ribbed1
Spandex Fabric1

Parameter Table

Equipment Model

DT-2516A /DT3520A

Scope Of Work


Drive System

Imported Mitsubishi Servo Motor Drive

Transmission System

Pmi Linear Guide Rail, Precision Rack Drive

Maximum Cutting Speed


Cutting Material

Cotton, Linen, Silk, Woolen, Leather,Blended, Yarn-Dyed, Knitted, Etc.

Cutting Tools

Vibrating Knife, Round Knife Etc.

Cutting Thickness

0.1-30mm (Subject To Specific Materials)

Cutting Accuracy


Repetition Accuracy


Feeding Method

Automatic Feeding

Fixing Method

All Aluminum Table Vacuum Adsorption

Transmission Interface

Usb/u Disk/Network

Power Supply And Power Of Cutting Equipment

220v/50hz  2.5kw

Power Supply And Power Of Vacuum Pump

380v 7.5kw/9kw (Optional)

Positioning Method

Infrared Laser, Ccd Camera (Optional)

Safety Device

Infrared Laser Induction, Safe And Stable

Pneumatic Fittings

Festo, Germany/Yadek, Taiwan

Electrical Fittings


Cutting Result Picture

pet clothes (2)
reusable cleansing rounds
protective suit


Datu Technology provides professional solutions for the textile and garment industry. We adopt corresponding cutting solutions according to different types of fabrics, such as cotton, linen, silk, woolen, leather, chemical fiber, blended, yarn-dyed, knitted, etc. The digital production method can quickly provide samples for personalized style requirements, saving time and costs. Provide a full range of technical services from R&D to production for small batch production. Whether you are producing single batch or large batches, you can plan and process your orders flexibly, making ad-hoc order changes quickly and cost-effectively. It can help you better cope with the increased small batch production and customer inquiries for versioning and personalization.

1. The tool is modular, different materials are used with different tools, and the choice is flexible.

2.1800MM/S high speed, 0.01MM repeated positioning accuracy.

3. Mitsubishi servo motors, Taiwan Hindwin guide rails and other brand electrical components, double rack machines are more durable

4. There are more cutting configurations for the round knife, vibrating knife, and pneumatic knife cutter.

5. Equipped with a large visual intelligent edge inspection system, cutting and proofing are faster.

6. Support for multiple file formats (AI, PLT, DXF, CDR, etc.), making it more convenient to use and interact with.

7. Fully automatic feeding device, saving the trouble of manual handling

8. Multi-material shelves, realize flexible switching of various materials and automatic feeding of multi-layer materials

9. Automatic material receiving device to realize the solution that the material does not fall to the ground

Applicable tools: vibrating kinfe, round knife

Applicable models: DT-2516A  DT-3520A

Hardware Display

After-sales Service

(1) One-year warranty policy.

(2) 7*24-hour online service.

(3) Provide lifetime free technology upgrade service.

(4) Free training in our factory, if time is not convenient, we can also provide complete training video.

(5) On-site technical support can be provided by negotiation.

Export Packaging Display

Export Packaging Display

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