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Digital Vibrating Knife Cutting Machine For Sporting Goods Industry

Short Description:

Sporting goods is a general term for all items used in physical education, competitive sports, and physical exercise.

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Product Introduction

There are many non-metallic materials in sporting goods, including rubber, double-sided fleece, wool felt, high-strength carbon board, single-layer carbon fiberboard, multi-layer carbon fiberboard, PVC imitation leather, and microfiber, which are typical soft materials. Most of its cutting stays in traditional manual cutting or stamping. To achieve industrial transformation and the purpose of machine substitution, the introduction of advanced cutting.

In the application of flexible material cutting, the laser cutting machine has fast speed and high precision on thin materials that require high precision, but the processing speed is not fast for materials over 30mm, and will generate smoke and odor during the cutting process,and there will be burnt and blackened traces on the edge, which cannot meet the customer's requirements, but the vibrating knife cutting machine can perfectly cut these flexible materials, with the same high speed, high precision, more flexible processing thickness, and more environmentally friendly.

Material Picture Display

Sporting Goods (2)
Sporting Goods (1)
Sporting Goods (7)
Sporting Goods (8)
Sporting Goods (6)
Sporting Goods (9)

Parameter Table

Equipment Model


Scope Of Work


Drive System

Imported Mitsubishi Servo Motor Drive

Transmission System

Pmi Linear Guide Rail, Precision Rack Drive

Maximum Cutting Speed


Cutting Material

Rubber, Wool Felt, High-Strength Carbon Board,  Carbon Fiberboard,  Pvc Imitation Leather, Microfiber Etc.

Cutting Tools

Vibrating Knife, Round Knife, Etc.

Cutting Thickness

0.1-30mm (Subject To Specific Materials)

Cutting Accuracy


Repetition Accuracy


Feeding Method

Automatic Feeding

Fixing Method

All Aluminum Table Vacuum Adsorption

Transmission Interface

Usb/u Disk/Network

Power Supply And Power Of Cutting Equipment

220v/50hz  2.5kw

Power Supply And Power Of Vacuum Pump

380v 7.5kw/9kw (Optional)

Positioning Method

Infrared Laser, Ccd Camera (Optional)

Safety Device

Infrared Laser Induction, Safe And Stable

Pneumatic Fittings

Festo, Germany/Yadek, Taiwan

Electrical Fittings


Cutting Result Picture

Sporting Goods (1)
Sporting Goods (6)
Sporting Goods (3)
Sporting Goods (2)
Sporting Goods (4)
Sporting Goods (5)


The Datu cutting system provides the best choice for multi-industry proofing and small batch production, equipped with various knives and pens to meet the cutting of multiple materials. It can achieve high-speed, high-intelligence, high-precision cutting, punching, drawing, and other processes. Using a powerful data conversion system, it can seamlessly connect with mainstream design software in the market, successfully realize the transition from manual production mode to high-speed and high-precision advanced production mode for customers, and fully meet customers' personalized cutting needs.

The high-speed large-format automatic cutting system independently developed and produced by Datu is a single-layer and a small number of multi-layer fixed-type cutting systems. It adopts an advanced motion control system and has the characteristics of fast running speed, high precision, and strong stability. The operation is simple; you only need to import the pattern file automatically and high-speed cutting (no proofing, line drawing, knife mold) carbon fiber, glass fiber, PVC, ETFE, PTFE, HYPALON, Oxford cloth, leather, and other flexible materials.

1. Special intelligent cutting system, integrated welding bed, stable and durable body;

2. Adopt many first-line brand imported accessories to ensure accuracy and stability;

3. Support one-key import of drawings, automatic feeding, intelligent and simple operation;

4. Modular design is adopted to realize tool exchange, easy to use, and improve work efficiency;

5. Equipped with vibration knives, round knives, pneumatic knives, creasing knives, grooving knives, and other tools to meet the process requirements of special-shaped cutting, multi-angle grooving, punching, and strong indentation;

6. Intelligent safety protection system to ensure safety first.

Applicable Tools: Vibrating Knife, Round Knife, Pneumatic Knife

Applicable models: DT-2516A 

Hardware Display

After-sales Service

(1) One-year warranty policy.

(2) 7*24-hour online service.

(3) Provide lifetime free technology upgrade service.

(4) Free training in our factory, if time is not convenient, we can also provide complete training video.

(5) On-site technical support can be provided by negotiation.

Export Packaging Display

Export Packaging Display

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