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About Us


Shandong Datu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Shandong Datu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a global manufacturer of CNC cutting equipment, with Jinan as the center, focusing on providing industry solutions for intelligent cutting of non-metallic materials. Taking “Responsibility, Sustainability, Integrity, Profession” as the business philosophy, its products serve global customers.

In 2012

With a strong interest in the machinery industry the Enterprise founder had been working for 6 years in a large stamping die and CNC machine tool manufacturing factory, during the 6 years he had learned various knowledge about this field.

In 2014

The first firm named Yunsheng had been founded by a group of passionate and professional machinery enthusiasts, which mainly focuses on the welding and manufacturing of Mechanical Parts of CNC Machines.

In 2018

With years of a solid foundation in the machinery manufacturing industry and a deep understanding of CNC cutting machine tools, Datu Technology was officially established. The company has transformed and upgraded to a complete machine R&D and manufacturing business, focusing on environmental friendly CNC cutting machine tools.  As always, the company strictly controls product quality and focuses on product research and development. The biggest feature of the product is that it is smoke-free and environmentally friendly during processing, and CNC cutting is accurate and efficient.


From the perspective of the future, Datu Technology takes the market as the center and the technology as the center of gravity, adheres to the focus strategy, focuses on the single category of "CNC cutting equipment", and deploys R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and service networks on a global scale to provide global customers with the most advanced technology. The best solution for CNC cutting applications.



To be a world-class intelligent CNC cutting equipment supplier

Corporate values

Corporate values

Optimizing an Industry with Our Products

Application Industry

Application Industry

With the continuous precipitation and maturity of technology, our equipment is world widely used in many industries such as building decoration, advertising packaging, shoes, clothing and luggage, automobile interior decoration, toys, sports, new energy, etc.

Product advantages

1. Special intelligent cutting system, integrated welding bed, stable and durable body;

2. Adopt many first-line brand imported accessories to ensure accuracy and stability;

3. Support one-key import of drawings, automatic feeding, intelligent and simple operation;

4. Modular design is adopted to realize tool exchange, easy to use, and improve work efficiency;

5. Equipped with vibration knives, round knives, pneumatic knives, creasing knives, grooving knives, and other tools to meet the process requirements of special-shaped cutting, multi-angle grooving, punching, and strong indentation;

6. Intelligent safety protection system to ensure safety first.