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pvc coated cloth cutting machine

PVC coated cloth is a material that is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, rain-proof, and sun-proof. Our common rain-proof materials use this material. Because there are many application scenarios, we mainly focus on efficiency, cutting shape, and precision for cutting. 


Advantages and disadvantages of manual cutting, laser cutting and blade cutting on pvc coated cloth cutting:

Manual cutting is an inefficient cutting form. The cutting shape is mainly a straight line. The efficiency of manual cutting is low, and the cutting shape is easy to be out of control. However, the wages of manual cutting are low and the variability is strong. It is recommended for personal handicraft processing. .

Laser cutting adopts thermal melting cutting, and the shape and precision of cutting are guaranteed. It is a high-quality cutting equipment except for blade cutting. Its disadvantage is that the cutting efficiency is not high, and smoke and burnt edges are generated during the cutting process. Multi-layer cutting will produce adhesion phenomenon.


The blade cutting machine is also called the vibrating knife cutting machine. It is a device that uses a blade to cut. It has high cutting precision, high efficiency, good cutting shape, and no emission.

Post time: Jan-30-2023