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PU foam board vibrating knife cutting machine

PU foam board cutting machine has vibration knife cutting machine and line cutting machine, this article we will be the focus of the vibrating knife cutting machine to explain.


PU foam board cutting machine is composed of operating system, cutting head, gantry and workbench, PU foam board is generally sheet material, manufacturers generally recommend fixed table equipment, if the coil material can choose automatic feeding equipment, the two in the work procedures and prices will be different.

Fixed table PU foam board cutting machine, the need to lay material manually, the material is placed on the workbench, the equipment recognizes the location of the material automatically typesetting and cutting.

Automatic feeding PU foam board cutting machine, now the coil is placed on the automatic loading rack, start the equipment, automatic typesetting is completed, the equipment automatically feeding cutting, automatic unloading after cutting.

PU foam board cutting machine advantages:

1. Save materials, with intelligent cutting program, computer automatically calculate typesetting compared with manual typesetting can save more than 15% of materials.

2. High precision, the equipment uses the pulse positioning system, the positioning accuracy is ±0.01mm, the cutting accuracy is up to 0.5mm, according to the elastic calculation of the material.

3. High efficiency, the equipment is faster than the manual in terms of cutting efficiency or automation procedures, and a device can replace 4-6 manual workers.

4. Strong applicability, purchase a device, you can support leather, cloth, felt, fiberboard, film and other materials cutting.

PU foam cutting machine price is based on the configuration, the equipment has a vibration knife, pneumatic knife, drag knife, round knife and other cutter head, you can root out their actual needs for the tool, table area configuration, the specific price needs to communicate after the offer.

Post time: Mar-20-2024