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How to choose the most suitable vibrating/oscillating knife cutting machine

Vibrating/Oscillating knife CNC cutting machine realizes high-precision and high-efficiency cutting through computer control. But it’s not an all-purpose cutting tool for all materials in all industries. First of all, it is needed to know whether your materials are suitable for the machine to cut when you want to choose a vibrating/oscillating knife cutter for your business.

The vibrating/oscillating cutting machine is available to cut flexible materials, so it is not suitable for metal or wood materials.

The main objects processed by the vibrating knife cutting machine include EVA, carbon fiber, glass fiber, fiber cotton, prepreg, aramid, ceramic fiber, cloth, silk ring footpad, leather, felt, carpet, sound-absorbing cotton, silicone, rubber, kt board, and other non-metallic flexible materials.

Second, choose a good factory.

A good factory includes good machines and good after-sales service.

A good machine mainly means excellent structure design, high accuracy mechanical parts, and big brand electrical parts. For example, the key transmission system such as the servo motors, servo drives, racks and pinions, linear guides and sliders, and high-flex wires must be equipped with high-quality products. It’s not a good choice by using ordinary stepping motors and drivers, low-precision guide rail sliders, racks and pinions, and low-quality wires to reduce the costs or against rivals. Only by using high-cost and high-quality components the quality and service life of the whole machine can be improved, so that a lot of time and money will not be spent on later maintenance.

Good after-sales service mainly refers to timely and effective training and service.

Without good training, customers cannot get the essentials of the operation so the machine cannot be used correctly and adequately. So a complete and effective systematic training program is required. By continuously optimizing training programs, a zero-based person can master the basic operation of our machine tool in just one or two days, and carry out independent machine operations. A timely and effective after-sales service will be supplied as well when our machine is out of order.

Post time: Jun-07-2022