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Enrich the life of employees and build a harmonious enterprise

In order to enrich the daily life of employees, show their sports style, promote their physical and mental health, enhance communication among employees, improve team consciousness and strengthen cohesion, our company held a staff sports meeting.


Find fun in sports 

The games have “rope jumping”, “tug of war” and other events. The staff who participate in the sports meeting are full of spirit and cooperate with each other, and the cooperation spirit will play incisively and vividly. On the field, the employees are all smiles, energetic and doing their best. Even if accidentally fall, also do not care, get up and continue, will be the perfect interpretation of the spirit of sports. The field from time to time broke out the shouts of cheer, more bursts of applause for the courage of the athletes fighting spirit. It show the collective cohesion.


Strengthen the will from pleasure

The staff fun sports meeting not only enhanced the staff’s physique, from the heavy work has been relaxed. It also promotes the friendship of employees and the spirit of solidarity and cooperation among employees. It is a activity of physical exercise and emotional sublimation. By holding such activities, the staff can relieve the work pressure, release the work passion, and perfectly integrate the team spirit and physical exercise, fully demonstrating the sports style and good spirit of the workplace staff. Shandong Datu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd has always attached importance to the will of employees, employees fun games held in order to cultivate the spirit of unity and cooperation between employees, increase the cohesion between the team, so as to better build a harmonious enterprise.

Post time: Aug-26-2022