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Corrugated paper cutting machine – a new era of packaging material cutting

Corrugated paper is a more common packaging material in life, the basic packaging of various items will be used, the demand is very large, because the cost of corrugated paper is low, it is often processed into different sizes of packaging boxes, even special-shaped boxes, ordinary punching machine because the mold cost is high, is not suitable for cutting, it is impossible to purchase a single equipment production, most of the procurement of corrugated cutting machine manufacturers, It is also necessary to meet the cutting of other materials, such as pearl cotton, hollow board, packaging film, epe cotton, etc.


Carton proof cutting machine is a blade cutting computer intelligent equipment, equipment using data cutting, no mold, can save a lot of cost, a device to support the cutting of corrugated paper, EVA, pearl cotton, wrapping paper, hollow board, epe cotton and other materials, process support automatic feeding, cutting, indentation, miter cutting, unloading and so on.

The equipment has three cutting advantages: high precision, high efficiency and saving material:

First, high precision, the equipment adopts pulse positioning system, with a special customized body, the positioning accuracy of the whole machine is ±0.01mm, and the repeated cutting is zero error.

Second, cutting efficiency, the whole machine can replace 4-6 manual, the equipment also has a self-developed cutting system, operating speed 2000mm/s.

Third, save material, the equipment has its own research and development of typesetting system, can be typesetting for various materials, typesetting save material more than 15%.

Post time: Jan-31-2024