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composite material cutting machine

Composite material is a new material formed by optimizing the combination of material components with different properties by using advanced material preparation technology. Generally defined composite materials need to meet the following conditions:

1. Composite materials must be man-made, materials that people design and manufacture according to their needs.

2. Composite materials must be composed of two or more materials with different chemical and physical properties;

3. It has structural designability and can carry out composite structure design;

4. Composite materials not only maintain the advantages of the properties of each component material, but also can obtain comprehensive properties that cannot be achieved by a single component material through the complementarity and correlation of the properties of each component.


Datu composite material cutting machine supports customized cutting schemes, with functions such as automatic loading, automatic typesetting, automatic cutting, punching, marking, automatic unloading, etc., and can customize cutting types according to needs, cutting without loose edges and without changing material characteristics , high precision, high efficiency, computer-controlled, intelligently imported pattern.It is a special equipment for flexible material cutting developed by our company. The equipment adopts blade cutting, which is smoke-free, odorless, green and environmentally friendly. The cutting speed is 2m/s, which can perfectly solve the problems of low production efficiency and time-consuming manual cutting. At the same time, Datu composite material intelligent cutting machine is equipped with Mitsubishi servo motor, the cutting error is ±0.01mm, and one equipment can replaces 4 workers, saving labor, material and money!

Post time: Jan-11-2023