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artificial turf cutting machine

Artificial turf is divided into injection molding artificial turf and woven artificial turf. With the development of society, artificial turf is used more and more widely, and the demand for cutting and processing is also increasing. Today, I will introduce an artificial turf cutting machine,this equipment has been maturely applied to the cutting of artificial turf.


The artificial turf cutting machine uses tungsten steel blade for cutting, which has the characteristics of good cutting effect, smokeless, odorless and environmental protection, and meets the needs of green development at the present stage. Generally speaking, the artificial turf cutting machine has the following advantages:

1. Green and environmental protection, equipment blade cutting, cutting will not produce peculiar smell, smoke and other phenomena.

2. High efficiency, integrating automatic loading, cutting and unloading, the maximum cutting speed is 1800mm/s, and the efficiency can be equivalent to 4-6 manual labor.

3. High precision, the equipment has an error compensation system, and the artificial turf cutting error is 0.01mm.

4. Save materials,For the cutting of special-shaped artificial turf, the equipment has automatic typesetting function.Compared with manual typesetting, equipment cutting can save more than 15% of materials.

Post time: Nov-18-2022