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Yoga mat cutting machine

The growing popularity of sports among young people has led to a large market for sports equipment. In this market, sports equipment manufacturers need to control both product and efficiency to create a brand that consumers trust.

Yoga Mat

And now DATU for you to introduce a blade cutting machine, mainly help manufacturers to reduce cost and increase efficiency, promote enterprise digital production, vibrating knife cutting machine using an integrated welding technology, has independent research and development of intelligent cutting system, can match intelligent printing edge seeking cutting system, automatic feeding system, etc., in general, yoga mat cutting machine has the following advantages:


1. High precision, cutting accuracy is ±0.01mm.

2. Fast cutting speed, the equipment adopts imported Mitsubishi servo motor, the maximum cutting speed is 1800mm/s.

3. Good cutting effect, the equipment adopts tungsten steel blade cutting, cutting surface is smooth without burr, high cutting precision.

4. Automatic cutting, equipment has automatic loading and unloading system, intelligent coil feeding, automatic feeding, instead of 4-6 manual.

Post time: Nov-23-2022