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Vibrating knife edge-finding cutting machine

The edge-finding cutting machine refers to the addition of photographic auxiliary facilities on the basis of the cutting machine, and is equipped with software for automatic contour extraction to achieve the purpose of edge-finding cutting. The cutting process is basically similar, but the cutting speed is caused by different development software and hardware configurations. And the recognition accuracy is very different.

The common edge-finding cutting machines on the market include laser edge-finding cutting machines and vibrating knife edge-finding cutting machines. Due to the serious pollution of laser cutting machines, the use of laser cutting machines has been banned in many countries and regions. The vibrating knife edge-finding cutting machine adopts blade cutting, and the cutting technology is very mature. Compared with the laser edge-finding cutting machine, the vibrating knife edge-finding cutting machine has higher cutting efficiency.


The vibrating knife edge-finding cutting machine is suitable for cutting printed carpets, advertising materials, printed clothing and other materials. At present, many domestic and foreign customers have purchased and feedbacked, the market is mature, and users can purchase with confidence.


The vibrating knife cutting machine uses the upper and lower high-frequency vibration of the blade to cut. It has the characteristics of high precision, fast cutting speed, not limited to the cutting pattern, automatic loading and unloading, intelligent typesetting, smooth incision, and low processing cost. Gradually improve or Replace the traditional flexible cutting equipment.


Shandong Datu vibrating knife cutting machine adopts imported accessories from many first-line brands to ensure accuracy and stability. The equipment adopts the CAM software independently developed by Shandong Datu, which systematically optimizes the physical over-cutting phenomenon of the tool, restores the graphic outline to a high degree, and brings customers a satisfactory cutting effect.

Post time: Sep-07-2022