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Vibrating knife cutting machine, CNC equipment environmental protection expert

Now there are two cutting methods, one is manual cutting, the other is CNC equipment automatic cutting.

Manual cutting speed is slow, poor efficiency, serious waste has been a consensus of many people, so in the clothing and bag textile industry, manual cutting is gradually out of the stage.

And about CNC cutting equipment, the market is full of a variety of cutting equipment brands, but in essence are laser machine and vibrating knife cutting machine.

Laser machine is a thermal cutting means, in the cutting process will produce a lot of smoke and bad smell, environmental problems are serious. Moreover, high temperature cutting will destroy fur cutting edge material, produce the phenomenon of burnt edge, black edge, especially for long hair material, will burn long hair, affect the cutting effect, but also affect product quality.

737c6b7a7275f1d86cbdca8a67dfacfvibrating knife cutting machine is currently on the flexible material cutting process with a processing equipment, widely used and high frequency vibration cutting blade, with high accuracy, fast cutting speed, not limited to, the limitation of cutting pattern, can automatic up-down material, intelligent layout, incision smooth processing cost low characteristic, gradually improve or replace the traditional flexible cutting process equipment. At the same time, vibration knife cutting machine, belongs to the combined cutting machine, in addition to cutting, can press the wheel, half knife, dotted line, V slot a variety of functions, to meet the needs of more material processing technology, unlike laser cutting machine function which is single.图片

Wherever there are flexible materials, you can see a market for Datu technology. Shandong Datu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.has grown into a leading enterprise in the field of intelligent cutting equipment for flexible materials in China.

Post time: Aug-24-2022