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The Repurchase of Regular Customers Is The Biggest Recognition For Us

High-quality machines and good after-sales service make us gain many regular customers. A customer from Vietnam runs a packaging company that has been established for more than 20 years, providing a wide variety of corrugated boxes to tens of thousands of customers. In recent years, with the continuous development of the economy, the customer’s order volume has also increased year by year, so at the beginning of 2021, the customer contacted us through our website www.dtcutter.com, explaining his willingness to buy a vibrating knife cutting machine. After understanding the customer’s needs and budget, we recommended the DT-2516A for the customer. Adhering to the principle of giving priority to quality service, the customer compared several companies, and finally selected our company, and took our opinion and decided to buy the machine we recommended. The machine quickly arrived at the customer’s factory and was successfully put into production under our remote guidance, with a significant increase in production efficiency.

With the good impression of our machines and services before, customers choose our company decisively when they buy machines again. In July 2022, we signed a new contract with the customer. With the previous cooperation, the production and transportation were smoother and faster this time, and the customer put the new machine into production very quickly. He is very grateful to us for helping him ensure production and sales in the new year.

The repurchase of regular customers is the biggest recognition for us, and it is the concept that the company has always adhered to to be able to provide suitable machines and high-quality services to customers around the world. We believe that excellent product quality and good after-sales service can make customers faithfully believe us! The company has always adhered to the business principle of “manufacturing better machines and providing first-class services”, and continuously increased the adjustment of product structure, which has not only gained many new customers, but also firmly grasped the hearts of regular customers.

Post time: Aug-20-2022