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sticker cutting machine

With the rapid development of the advertising industry, self-adhesive is widely used in various industries. There are more and more shapes of self-adhesives. For traditional die cutting, the mould must be customized according to the size of the finished product. The cutting also requires many experiments to make the pressure completely uniform, which is a waste of time and materials. Today, I will introduce to you a time-saving and material-saving self-adhesive cutting machine that is easy to operate.


The self-adhesive cutting machine developed by Datu adopts computer data cutting, no need for molds, automatic cutting in the whole process,automatic feeding,typesetting,cutting,saving time and labor, and saving a lot of labor costs. And for self-adhesive special-shaped materials, Datu has developed an automatic edge finding and cutting system, which can automatically find and cut pictures without using a mold. In order to prevent deviations during cutting, Datu has developed an automatic error compensation system, which can automatically correct errors during the cutting process to ensure cutting accuracy.


The advantages of fully automatic cutting equipment:

1. The maximum cutting speed of the machine can reach 1800mm/s, and the cutting efficiency is high.

2. It adopts imported pure servo Mitsubishi motor, cooperates with positioning system, and has high cutting precision.

3. Imported blade cutting, durable and environmentally friendly.

4. CNC intelligence, special-shaped arbitrary cutting.

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Post time: Oct-26-2022