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Sound absorption and sound insulation cotton cutting machine

Sound-absorbing cotton is a man-made fiber, which is made of three-dimensional cross between fibers and fibers, entangled with each other, showing a small gap, so as to achieve a good sound-absorbing effect. Sound-absorbing cotton is mainly used in decoration industry, automobile sound insulation industry, aerospace industry, etc. With the wide application of sound-absorbing cotton, its cutting methods have also become various. Today, I will introduce a large-scale sound-absorbing cotton cutting machine.

Datu sound-absorbing cotton cutting machine adopts blade cutting, the cutting edge is smooth, and there will be no peculiar smell, burnt edge and other phenomena. The equipment adopts a fully automatic cutting system, computer operation, one-key cutting, and the operation is simple. The equipment adopts automatic loading and unloading, automatic typesetting, automatic cutting, and automatic engraving, instead of manual cutting and engraving, which saves a lot of labor costs. The machine is operated by computer, and the intelligent typesetting software is used for typesetting, which can improve the utilization rate of materials by more than 90%. It not only saves material, but also saves labor and improves the safety of operation.


Equipment advantages:

1. High efficiency, the equipment adopts Japan’s Mitsubishi servo system, the cutting speed of the machine reaches 1800mm/s, and the production efficiency is more than five times higher than that of manual work.

2. High precision, the equipment adopts Taiwan linear guide transmission system, and the precision error is ±0.01mm, which ensures the cutting precision.

3. Safe operation, the equipment adopts infrared safety system to ensure the safety of operators.

Datu sound-absorbing cotton cutting machine can be customized according to your cutting needs, please consult us for details

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Post time: Oct-25-2022