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Sound-absorbing cotton intelligent cutting equipment

The biggest difference between sound absorbing materials and sound insulating materials is their different purposes. The purpose of sound-absorbing materials is to reflect less sound and absorb sound into the material. The purpose of sound insulation materials is to sound insulation, so that the sound on the other side of the material incident sound source is quieter. Therefore, the sound insulation cotton and sound-absorbing cotton we usually refer to are actually sound-absorbing materials.


Sound absorbing materials have very good properties in applications:

① Noise reduction, the sound-absorbing material itself has a very good absorption effect, effectively reducing the generation of noise.

② Heat insulation, a large number of gaps and holes in the sound-absorbing material can play a very good role in heat insulation.

③Shock absorption, the elasticity of sound-absorbing cotton is very good, and it has a very good impact resistance, which can play a certain role in shock absorption in vehicles, construction and other industries.

④Waterproof, the sound-absorbing cotton can be covered with a layer of waterproof coating on the surface, and the waterproof effect is better.

Sound-absorbing cotton is widely used in KTV, opera house, library, gymnasium and other large buildings with its excellent sound insulation and heat insulation effect.


In the cutting industry of sound-absorbing cotton, two major problems have always been plaguing manufacturers, one is cutting speed, and the other is material waste.

We recommend a sound-absorbing cotton cutting equipment: Datu Vibrating Knife Cutting Machine. The high-speed vibrating cutter head and imported servo motor ensure the cutting speed, allowing the cutting speed to reach 1800mm/s. The intelligent typesetting system makes typesetting more suitable and avoids the problem of material waste caused by manual typesetting.

Post time: Sep-30-2022