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Solve The Puzzle! Assemble Vibrating Knife Cutting Machine On Site

Our company assembles vibrating knife cutting machine on site for our customer, the thing is: Our customer used to cut materials by hand, but now the business is getting better and better. He also wants to buy a vibrating knife cutting machine instead of manual labor.Due to the geographical location, there are difficulties in the placement of the machine, the whole machine can not be installed in the small room upstairs, the customer has been unable to buy the machine. After understanding the situation, our company immediately sent several technicians to the customer’s home to assemble the vibrating knife cutting machine on site, to help customer use modern machines, customer were very moved and recognized our products, technology and service.

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Shandong Datu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is a global intelligent cutting integrated solution provider for the non-metal industry. Based on scientific and technological innovation, our company provides intelligent cutting solutions, systems and services for the world. The company has always been committed to technological innovation. Based on self-developed motion control system and enterprise intelligent overall solution, the company provides professional products and technical services for more than ten industries, such as composite materials,packaging, textile and clothing, automobile interior decoration, advertising printing and bags.

Shandong Datu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd will adhere to the business philosophy of “quality service for the purpose, customer demand as the guide” sincere service to every user, the company is equipped with a strong after-sales service team, 7*24 hours free customer service hotline, to provide customers with technical advice, operation guidance and after-sales service.

Post time: Aug-19-2022