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Soft glass cutting machine equipment-Shandong Datu vibrating knife cutting machine

Soft glass cutting machine is an important equipment for processing soft glass. Soft glass is a kind of PVC soft crystal plate soft glass, which is mostly used in electronics, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, food factories, clothing factories, work platforms, machine surfaces, etc. Most of the common tablecloths in life are made of soft glass.

Soft glass cutting machine is a kind of equipment for special-shaped processing of soft glass. At present, there are three main cutting methods on the market, one is manual cutting, the other is laser cutting machine, and the third is vibrating knife cutting machine.


Manual cutting is a device for small batch production, generally used for household use, and manual cutting is widely used for home tablecloths.


Laser cutting machine cutting is suitable for industrial cutting, can be customized in batches, but it has many disadvantages, one is pollution, high temperature melting will produce odor and smoke, cause certain pollution to the environment;the second is coke, will make the cutting edge of the phenomenon of blackened.


Vibrating knife cutting machine is also the most suitable one for soft glass cutting. It has fast cutting speed, intelligent automatic cutting, no pollution. At present, more industrial-grade processing uses vibrating knife soft glass cutting machine. The soft glass cutting machine is slightly expensive in price, but in terms of comprehensive cost, it is still a relatively cheap one.

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Post time: Sep-15-2022