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Shandong Datu Vibrating Knife Cutting Machine – Digital Production Solution for Packaging Lining

Packaging lining means that in addition to the whiteboard box, color box, and outer box packaging, a lining needs to be placed inside. This lining can be foam, plastic, or other materials. The function of the inner lining is to protect the product from damage during transportation as little as possible.

In terms of materials, the lining of the box includes EVA lining, pearl cotton lining, sponge lining, corrugated paper lining, honeycomb lining, plastic lining and so on.


Paper lining, environmentally friendly and recyclable, is a commonly used lining now, easy to load and unload, anti-buffering, and can effectively reduce product loss. This kind of lining material is used more, because the cost is low, and it can also play a protective role. Under the circumstance that the plastic ban is getting stricter and stricter, the development of corrugated paper lining will get better and better.


No matter which material is used for the inner lining of the packaging box, it is necessary to consider the positioning of the product and the target audience of the product, and blindly pursuing a good material, which is asymmetrical with the material of the outer box, will not play a good role.


The digital cutting machine developed and produced by Shandong Datu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. adopts advanced vibrating knife cutting technology, does not need to be a knife die, and uses a blade for cutting processing. It is a smokeless and odorless environmental protection processing solution. We have rich experience in the processing of 0-100mm corrugated, pearl cotton, sponge, and EVA materials.

Post time: Sep-13-2022