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Precautions for using vibrating knife cutting machine

1. Vibrating knife cutting machine can change different tool heads to cut different materials, so it is necessary to select suitable tool heads according to your own materials.8c9713fe5e1956fee612f9f83aa3f9a

2. When replacing blades and knives, replace them according to the manufacturer’s training procedures. The blades are very sharp, and pay attention to safety.

3. Before cutting, adjust the knife depth. Do not damage the felt by cutting too deep, or the blade may break.

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4. During the cutting process, do not stack sundries on the workbench, especially hard objects whose height exceeds the gantry.

5. Before cutting, confirm whether your version data is correct and whether the cutting compensation is set properly.

6. Hard materials such as metal materials and wood cannot be cut.


7. Do not put your hands or other parts on the workbench during cutting.

8. In case of special circumstances, press the emergency stop button immediately.

9. Do not place other irrelevant objects within the working range of the gantry so as not to trigger the anti-collision system and cause the machine to stop working.

10. For special material cutting and software installation problems, consult technicians.

Post time: Nov-01-2022