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Move Fast, Stop Steady! Datu Technology Leads The New Technology Of Dual-drive Vibrating Knife Cutting Machine

In the manufacturing industry, the requirement of equipment processing effect is particularly high.

In the past, the entire vibrating knife cutting machine industry was driven by one side. A motor was installed on one side of the beam to drive the beam to move back and forth through the belt. In this way, during the working process, it is easy to cause the two sides to be out of synchronization due to the uneven force on both ends, the cutting accuracy is poor, and it is easy to deform. Our company took the lead in discovering the problems of unilateral drive, and carried out technological innovation in a timely manner. A motor was installed on each side of the beam, and the two motors jointly drove the beam to move without gaps. Greater transmission force, smoother cutting, higher reliability and higher cutting accuracy. The double drive can ensure that the beam is evenly stressed and not easily deformed, so it is more durable and is more respected by customers. Just like the four-wheel drive of the car is stronger and more stable than the two-wheel drive.52ae7b19de4623e742f1aff7f2381cd

Although the cost of double-drive is higher than that of single-drive, our company is more willing to produce double-drive cutting machines to obtain good product reputation and product value.


Shandong Datu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd has always insisted on focusing on the needs of users, pushing the research and development of equipment backwards, constantly forging ahead, and increasing technological research and development to achieve the ultimate product. The needs of customers are the goal of our efforts. Our company needs to make the equipment required by the industry, continue to innovate, and lead the market.

Post time: Aug-22-2022