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Leather cutting industry solution–Datu vibrating knife cutting machine

Leather has a wide range of applications. The processing of leather shoes and bags is inseparable from leather. For a long time, in the process of leather processing, material waste and poor cutting quality have always been problems that plagued most manufacturers.


If you want your products to survive in this huge market, the most important thing is to improve the competitiveness of your products. Then material waste and cutting quality are two problems that manufacturers need to solve urgently.

Here we recommend Datu CNC automatic feeding vibrating knife leather cutting machine

1. Typesetting

Datu CNC intelligent vibrating knife cutting machine has the function of automatic typesetting, which can not only save the time of manual typesetting, improve production efficiency, but also make the typesetting more reasonable, maximize the use of raw materials, reduce the waste of scraps, and make the layout more reasonable. Manufacturers no longer worry about material waste.


2. Cutting effect

Datu CNC vibrating knife cutting machine adopts an integrated welding frame and cooperates with a vacuum adsorption system to make the cutting more stable.

High-frequency vibrating knife and imported servo motor make the cutting speed faster and improve the cutting efficiency. At the same time, the cutting effect is guaranteed, and the cutting edge has no burrs, is neat and smooth, and improves the competitiveness of products.

The cold cutting method of blade cutting avoids the high temperature generated by traditional laser cutting, so that the cutting material no longer has the problem of focal edges and black edges.

3. Machine performance

The selected accessories of Datu CNC vibrating knife cutting equipment are all internationally renowned brands with long service life. Infrared induction collision avoidance system makes work safer.


Datu intelligent vibrating knife leather cutting machine can not only improve production efficiency, but also reduce material waste, improve product competitiveness, and make you more competitive in the industry. Now you can also enjoy additional discounts for consultation.

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Post time: Sep-28-2022