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How to choose the auxiliary function of the vibrating knife cutting machine

The vibrating knife cutting machine is mainly used for cutting and blanking. In some industries, it is very useful to use the vibrating knife cutting machine for blanking. It is easy to operate, has a low failure rate and is cost-effective. If some industries choose their own auxiliary functions, they will greatly improve production efficiency:

1. CCD camera function: quickly scan the entire processing format before cutting, and then identify the reference point, the patterns in the format can be cut, no need to work the map, support JPG format, this function can be used with UV printers to improve the effect. Well, it is mainly used for cutting KT boards in the publicity industry.

2. Large visual cutting function: directly scan the entire processing format, then identify the feature points, automatically capture the pattern to be cut, execute the cutting process, and cooperate with the automatic feeding function to realize continuous cutting of multiple plates, mainly used in the printing cloth industry and embroidery cloth. Industry, single product, high batch production and processing.

3. Photo input function: After taking photos, the outline is extracted and cut, which is mainly used to replace the digital map reader, which is convenient for converting the cardboard into an electronic version, but the accuracy is low and the lines are not smooth.

4. The function of the large leather camera: first extract the outline of the raw material to be processed, then insert the electronic version to be cut into the extracted outline, perform automatic typesetting, execute the cutting program, and manually intervene in the typesetting, mainly used for leather cutting processing. After selecting the large camera function, it is recommended to use it with the projection function.

5. Projection function: To ensure the accuracy of cutting, it is used for positioning of leather materials.

2021_04_16_15_54_IMG_8998 - 副本

The above is the introduction of the software auxiliary functions of the vibrating knife cutting machine. Let’s talk about the addition of the hardware functions of the vibrating knife cutting machine:

1. Brush function: Write the name and number of the specific accessories on the material to distinguish the accessories after cutting, which is convenient for material separation. The words written by the brush can be wiped with a towel and disappear directly. It is mainly used for processing leather materials.

2. Indentation function: Press out marks on the surface of the material, which is convenient for folding, mainly used for cardboard cutting and proofing.

3. Bevel cutting function: cut the material bevel at an angle of 15° 25° 35° 45°, one version is used for thickening pearl cotton cutting and corrugated box processing.

4. Milling cutter function, round cutter function, punching function, etc. are all optional.

Post time: Oct-21-2022