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How to choose automobile mat cutting equipment

The automobile mat manufacturing industry has gradually matured, not only the processing technology is simple, easy to learn and easy to operate, but also the market demand is very large. There are three types of cutting equipment that are familiar to the public today: rotary knife cutting machine, laser cutting machine and vibrating knife cutting machine . So, how should manufacturers choose the cutting equipment that suits them?

1. Rotary knife cutting machine

The rotary knife cutting machine is the earliest used in the mat cutting equipment. Later, with the increase of market demand and the innovation of production technology, the shortcomings of the rotary knife cutting equipment are gradually exposed.

The rotary knife cutting machine uses the axial rotation of the blade itself to cut, so the cutting speed is very slow, and the wear of the blade is very serious.

Secondly, the rotary knife cutting machine uses pressure rollers to fix the material, so the accuracy is poor.

At present, the rotary knife cutting machine is only suitable for the cutting of car mats. Because of the problems of accuracy and efficiency, it has never been applicable in other industries. Even in the mat industry, the rotary knife cutting machine has gradually been eliminated.


2. Laser cutting machine

Compared with rotary knives, laser cutting machines are far ahead in terms of cutting speed and cutting accuracy.

However, the laser machine has a very fatal disadvantage, that is, laser cutting belongs to the category of thermal cutting. During the cutting process, the edge of the material will be deformed due to high temperature, thereby affecting the cutting quality and cutting accuracy, and a large amount of smoke and unpleasant smell will also be generated during the cutting process.

2021_04_16_15_54_IMG_8998 - 副本

3. Vibrating knife cutting machine

The vibrating knife cutting machine is a new innovation based on the laser machine. It uses the up and down high-frequency vibration of the blade to cut, not only the cutting speed and cutting accuracy are higher than the laser cutting machine, and avoid the laser machine high temperature produced smoke and odor, green environmental protection.

The vibrating knife cutting machine can not only be used in the automobile mat industry, but also can freely replace different cutter heads such as pneumatic knives, circular knives, high-speed milling knives, etc. It is suitable for cutting a variety of flexible materials, such as seat covers, light-proof mats, leather , steering wheel cover, seat cushion, car film and other automotive interior industries. In addition, the vibrating knife cutting machine has a very good application in various industries such as corrugated boxes, clothing fabrics, luggage leather, fiber materials, carpets, sponges, and foams.

Post time: Sep-24-2022