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How to choose an oscillating knife cutting machine

There are many brands of vibrating knife cutting machines on the market now, and when purchasing such large-scale high-tech equipment, it is necessary to comprehensively investigate all factors, otherwise, if you don’t pay attention, you will make a mistake in equipment selection. If the quality is not up to standard or there is no after-sales guarantee, it is difficult to recover the principal invested, let alone start a business to make money. Therefore, when purchasing vibrating knife cutting machine equipment, you must be vigilant and cautious.

1. The choice of word of mouth

The choice of vibrating knife equipment, we must first understand the manufacturer’s reputation, no matter how good he said, not as good as the user’s word, the price of vibrating knife cutting machine is not cheap, so we must deeply understand its reputation and service before buying.

2. Determine the configuration parameters and brand

In addition, if the reputation of the vibrating knife cutting machine manufacturer is the same, you can look at its parameter configuration. Many parameter configurations on the market are the same. This is because consumers are deceived. For this, we suggest attaching the equipment configuration sheet when signing the contract.You can find a professional talent appraisal in the later stage, if it is fake, we will give you three times the price of the machine compensation.

3. After-sales service

Many equipment manufacturers only pay attention to products and ignore after-sales service, resulting in after-sales service that cannot keep up. If this is the case, it will have a certain impact on users. We should comprehensively examine the strength of the manufacturer.

2021_04_16_15_54_IMG_8998 - 副本

The vibrating knife cutting machine integrates intelligent input, intelligent proofing, automatic typesetting, and automatic cutting. It truly realizes man-machine cooperation and maximizes factory efficiency.But also in a real sense to solve the factory difficult to recruit, not up to standard, a single set of production high costs, cumbersome and a series of problems. In terms of after-sales, we have professional technicians to guide the installation, and conduct machine safety training to solve problems for customers. High-quality customer service personnel can solve your worries in one stop, so that you can be more worry-free and at ease.

Post time: Dec-09-2022