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Construction, Maintenance and Repair of Vibrating/Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine

Construction Vibrating/Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine:

A CNC vibrating knife cutting machine is mainly composed of a bed, beam, adsorption platform, negative pressure adsorption pipeline, conveyor belt, transmission system (including motor, reducer, gear, rack, linear guide, slider), control circuit, Air circuit, negative pressure fan, knife holder, knife head, blade and other connecting parts and other accessories.
Thousands of components are assembled through machinery, electric circuits, and gas circuits. After installing the program and setting the parameters, we can use the motion control software to identify the 2D graphics and control the machine to perform CNC cutting processing on the material to obtain the precise size parts we need.

Maintenance and Repair of Vibratory/Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine:

The use of any machine, just like a car, must be regularly maintained and repaired. Good maintenance and repair can extend the service life of the machine and effectively reduce the failure rate.

So how to accurately maintain the vibrating/oscillating knife cutting machine?

First, we should know how our machines work. Our machines are numerically controlled and rely on the motion control system to issue orders to various motors and electrical components. Therefore, we need to check the various electrical components of the machine for looseness every week and make sure they are firmly inserted into the card slot to prevent the occurrence of failures such as signal transmission not in place or circuit disconnection after loosening.

Secondly, when we know the key maintenance positions, we need to add lubricating oil to the transmission systems such as the gear and rack, linear rails, and sliders to ensure that these parts are not ground over and over. Regularly lubricating these components can Maximize machine service life and ensure accuracy and operational stability.

Therefore, please cherish the machine that can make money for you. Just like cherishing your car, you should clean up all kinds of plush debris on the machine in time, keep the machine clean and tidy, and maintain it in time. If there is a fault, you need to contact the manufacturer’s after-sales service personnel in time. Take scientific and reasonable solutions to solve problems.

Post time: Jun-03-2019