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Ceramic fiber felt cutting machine

Ceramic fiber felt is a kind of refractory material with high temperature resistance. In the cutting process, there will be debris, and if the debris is sucked, it will cause harm to human body. Therefore, try to avoid workers’ participation in the cutting process of ceramic fiber felt.


We recommend the use of vibrating knife cutting machine to cut ceramic fiber felt.The vibrating knife cutting machine is a computer automatic cutting device, which integrates automatic feeding, cutting and unloading, supports docking automatic assembly line, and supports cutting any plane shape. Now, we analyze the advantages of the vibrating knife cutting machine for ceramic fiber felt.


Ceramic fiber felt cutting machine has four advantages:

Advantage one: High cutting efficiency, the equipment has automatic cutting program, and the cutting speed of the equipment can reach 1800mm/s, one equipment can replace 4-6 manual workers.

Advantage two:High cutting precision, the equipment adopts pulse positioning system, the positioning accuracy is ±0.01mm, and the cutting precision is high.

Advantage three: Save materials, the equipment has an automatic typesetting system, which can save more than 15% of materials compared with manual typesetting.

Advantage four: It supports cutting of hundreds of materials and various shapes. The equipment has a multi-tool head interchange system, which supports cutting of ceramic fiber, glass fiber, prepreg, carbon fiber and other materials. Data import, supports cutting of various materials.

Post time: Nov-17-2022