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Automatic carpet cutting equipment

The status of carpets in the home is getting higher and higher, the carpet of each material style is having different processing technology, traditional cutting machine and machine tools already cannot satisfy the processing need of carpet factory. Automatic carpet cutting equipment has been favored by many carpet manufacturers.

Advantages of automatic carpet cutting equipment:

1. The maximum cutting speed of the machine can reach 1800mm/s, with high cutting efficiency.

2. Imported pure servo Mitsubishi motor, with positioning system, high cutting precision.

3. Data import, intelligent typesetting, save cloth and labor.

4. Imported blade cutting, durable, environmental protection.

5. CNC intelligence, special-shaped arbitrary cutting.


For printed pattern carpet can be matched with CCD intelligent edge finding cutting, automatic edge finding cutting of printed pattern. Nowadays, mechanized production is an inevitable trend. The use of machines reduces labor costs and production material costs. In addition, the production cost of products is reduced, the quality is improved, more quickly seize the market, expand the scale of business.


Shandong Datu focuses on flexible material cutting solutions, to provide you with professional industry services, according to your needs to recommend suitable models to you.

Post time: Sep-17-2022